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Owen Yearbook is looking for any great photos you may have of any Special Events this year.  ie. Terry Fox Run, Class Trips, Winter Activity Day, Athletics. etc.

Please email pics to owenpsyearbook@gmail.com

Instructions : 

Examples of events:

  • G3 Tubing Winter Activity Day
  • G6 Skiing Winter Activity Day - Feb 12th
  • G1 Pumpkin Trip
  • G5 Skating
  • French Choir Winter Concert
  • G5 Girls Volleyball
  1. Take great photos!
  2. Please send photos in the highest resolution you may have
  3. Include as much detail in the subject line as possible. Things like:
  4. Best photos include group shots or action shots.
  5. Please don't send 30 photos of the same event (i.e. baseball game), send only up to 5 of your favorite shots.

Thank you in advance for all your help!! 


Yearbook Committee is comprised of the following volunteers

  • Editor 
  • Staff Liaisons 
  • Yearbook Photographers
  • Grade Reps (1 per grade in each of English & French)
  • Grad Pages Committee
  • Layout Designers 
  • Sponsorship Co-ordinators 
  • Staff Contributors
  • Student Contributors
  • Parent Contributors

If you are interested in helping out with any of the above positions, please 

contact Irene Sudorgin-Zigelman at owenpsyearbook@gmail.com


Sponsorship Pricing

Full (8.5” X 11”) full colour page $1000
Half (5.5” X 8.5”) full colour page $500
Quarter (4.25” X 5.5”) full colour page $250

A tax receipt will be given for 50% of the donation


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Cover Art

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