Replacement of Junior Playstructure - Online Vote

The TDSB has offered to replace our Junior Playstructure that was taken down this fall. We would like parents to tell us which of the options below they prefer. Your input is greatly appreciated. Please vote by clicking the link below.
Option 1 - Replace play structure in conjunction with the preparation of a TDSB-funded Master Plan. Target Completion: Fall 2018
Option 2 - Replace the play structure. Target Completion: Fall 2017/Spring 2018. Complete a Master Plan at our own expense. 

Option 1

  • This option has a longer timeline due to a longer and more comprehensive planning process that encompasses planning for the full school yard.
  • Cost of Master Plan covered by TDSB (cost = $6,000 + HST).

Option 2

  • This option targets a faster completion date, as planning is limited to only the Junior Playstructure area.
  • This target date is susceptible to delay as we are entering the planning very late. We risk installation delays if TDSB approved contractors are fully booked by the time our planning and equipment sourcing is complete. Delay could be until Spring 2018.
  • Cost of Master Plan not covered by TDSB (cost = $6,000 + HST).


A Master Plan is a long-term architectural plan that takes into account the full school yard, the life of current structures and ideas for the use of school yard space.

  • The implementation of items proposed by a Master Plan (aside from the current replacement of the playstructure) are at our discretion,
  • Plan items implemented would be done over a period of years,
  • Purchase and installation of proposed plan items are not funded by the TDSB.

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