Meeting Minutes - Dec 8th 2016

OSAC Minutes December 8, 2016


Julie Kwon, Stephen Miles, Debbie Levy, Robin Conliffe,  Sheila Sezla, Helen Georgiou, Crystal Pallister.  Lorraine Ohashi, Zakia Nabbus, Nicole Packwood, Raheema Naran, Michelle Brochu, Jason Offet

  1.  Introduction and Welcoming Remarks


The school chair, Debbie Levy, opened the meeting. She welcomed everyone to the meeting.

  1. Review and Approval of Agenda


Michelle motioned to approve tonight’s agenda, motion seconded by Zakia.  Motion passed.


  1. Approval of October 26, 2016 Council Meeting Minutes


Michelle motioned to approve the October 26th, 2016 minutes, motion seconded by Zakia.  Motion passed.


  1. Admin Report- Julie Kwon and Steven Miles


Julie reported that our school is currently involved with “9 Days of Giving” which is being spearheaded by the Student Council.  They have assigned specific item days and have made daily announcements.  This project seems to be running very well.


Playground Report:

October 26th Notes: Jennifer Young wrote to our trustee to help get us on track.  The TDSB will replace the playground on the west side of the school that they took down to safety issues.  A landscape architect will advise on both playgrounds, west and east side of school.  A committee will be put together to see what this new playground will look like, on both sides.  The aim is to have a master plan including kindergarten.  The first meeting will be November 3, 2016.


December 8th: A meeting was held late November with unfortunately a small turnout.  The committee has come together yet again to share important information to our school population regarding detailed plans and to make an informed vote on how we should proceed with the implementation of our new playground. 


There are three options to choose from:

OPTION 1:  longer term, September 2018, master plan to include the entire yard.  The master plan will be covered by the Board (approx. $7K)


OPTION 2: shorter term (however we are late in the process) as immediate as possible with a strict replacement of the playground structure in the junior yard- no master plan.  At this point we will have to wait on a vendor and the cost.  The Board will have final say on the cost.


OPTION 3: Hybrid Option: longer term, Fall of 2018.  Blend a natural playground with the traditional playground.  Board to cover masterplan.  Implementation will take place over a number of years.


The TDSB accepts proposals in January which in turn vendors bid on our proposal.  There is roughly a 12 week purchasing window and then equipment is ordered as quickly as possible.  The issue becomes that our paperwork needs to have already been submitted.  If we do that then we have very little input in the process of choosing the playground and we have to take what the TDSB offers.


Some parents are considering the hybrid option but other parents are in belief that one main structure will accommodate more students.


Stephen and Team will put together a summary of the options by next week and have the Owen community vote online for the model they would prefer.  An answer will be given at the next OSAC meeting.


Cashless Schools:  Owen is going cashless! Information about registering for this will be sent home with students and will be accessible on Owen’s website.


Winter Concert: There will be a double Winter Concert, December 20, 21st.  

December 20th: 6pm: JK/SKin the library

                              7pm: Primary grades (1-3) FI and English in the library


December 21st: 6pm: FI SK in in the library

                              7pm: Junior grades (4-6) FI and English in the library


Reports Cards: 1st term report cards will be sent home in February.

-There will be a new system of kindergarten reporting (FDK) to reflect the inquiry based curriculum.  The Board is updating their web based system to reflect these changes. Teachers will have training on this style of reporting.  In February there will be report cards for SK.


Math Initiative:   The Borad is trying to make everyone successful in math with a focused Growth           Mindset in Math initiative. Our school has 3 teachers that are now our Math Leads.  They will attend 5 full days of professional development, which they will share with our school.


School Budget / Improvement Plan:  John Malloy is promoting each school to pick an individual philosophy for their own school and their needs of building improvement .  The three areas of focus are: Student Success, Well Being and EquityThe chosen topic has to be data driven with check in points, SMART goals specific and measurable.  Each teacher/grades are currently working on their plans.  They have started to identify the areas to work on and some teachers have already submitted their plan and purchased materials.  For example some areas recognized are: inquiry based learning, coding robotics, literacy and social studies.



Robotics Workshop: Mr. Miles ran a robotics workshop for 20 adults on November 29 over the lunch hour.  It was very informative and successful.  They are looking at other dates to informand engage more parents.


Final Part Meeting/Vote :  The outcome of the vote was shared to the parents on November 24th. As of September 2018, Owen P.S. will now house grades JK-5, St. Andrew’s grades 6-8, Windfields grades 6-8 (still run IB Program) and YorkMills C.I. grades 9-12.

                           Dunlace will become dual track ( English and FI)

                           Denlow will add Extended French to their program.



  1. Spirit Events:

·                                      Spirit Days: Hannah, President of Student Council stated that Spirit Days will occur 2x/month coinciding with pizza lunch.  Those days have already been designated and are hoping that they can be added to the Owen calendar.  The grade representatives will speak to and inform teachers so that the information is written in the student’s agendas.

·                                      ‘Movie Night: Numbers were down at the last movie night.  We will change it back to 2 movies per year.  The same issue continues that children are unsupervised and it is very loud.  Discussion around not showing a movie in January.


6.    Fundraising Plans and Initiatives

Pizza Lunch : Amanda Maass is running Pizza Lunch2x/month.  It is a very profitable fundraiser.

Fall L’Affaire: November 2, 7pm-11pm.  This is a parent only function that will have a silent auction, tapas plates and cocktails.  It is a great venue to meet new parents and to socialize.  This is the school’s largest fundraiser. Crystal stated it was a huge success this year considering the committee was put together at the last minute as we had decided last year that we would take a break as no one stepped up to chair it.  We raised approximately $9000.

Sheila motioned to approve the funds raised from Fall L’Affaire be used to enhance our library, motion seconded by Nicole.  Motion approved.

Dance-a-thon: will be held on February 14, 2017.  Caroline and Sheila are organizing this event.  Donations can be made on line or via paper.  Funds raised will go towards Arts enhancements.  In the past milk was handed out during this event, which caused a mess! Only water will be given at this event.

Spring Fling: Olive Spence is the new lead for this event.  We need volunteers for this event by March or it will not run.

7.    Committees

After School Programs: Jennifer Young is running the Lunch/After-school Programs again this year.  All program providers have offered subsidy for their program. Winter registration begins Dec 9th.  There is a good choice of programs to choose from.  The lunch programs and after-school programs have a process in place to ensure students attend their program.  New this year: students participating in after-school programs shouldbe picked up at the West doors of the school (the doors that lead to the portables).  The program leader will bring the students to this door.  These programs are running smoothly.  If you have any suggestions please email them to Jennifer.

Milk Program: Lorraine would like to have the milk program on line via cashless schools.  The debate is whether to go through TDSB or a program like Stripe.  The 2% surcharge would initially be covered by OSAC.  Jason has some reservations regarding the TDSB as it is not very user friendly.  More discussions to occur.

Kids Kitchen:   At our January meeting, Debbie will bring in Rose Reisman to discuss her lunch program.

Eco Club:  no update.

Grade 6 Graduation:  Debbie will chair this committee. She has started to form her committee.  Parents of grade 5 to serve food during the reception.  Next year, June 2018, there will be a double cohort, double grad and double trip. 

Sheila motioned to approve more money ( $2000 subsidy each) to be put toward grade 5 and grade 6 graduation, , motion seconded by Robin.  All in favour.  Motion approved.

Yearbook:   Irene was not able to attend this meeting.  Here are the notes from our October meeting:  Irene is chairing the Yearbook committee this year. Irene is trying a new technique this year with Google Drive andputting more responsibility on the Class Parent , student council and Teachers to take/submit photos.  There are digital cameras in the office if parents/students would like to borrow them for a school activity/field trip.

 Irene is looking for sponsors.  A full page is $1000. 1/2page $500, 1/4page 250.  A suggestion was made that the grade 6 classes come together to purchase a page.  Tax receipts are issued


8.    Finances-  Chanh is creating a budget to spend for fundraising.  Teacher appreciation has been removed ($20K).


Library Enhancements:

            Sheila motioned to approve use of monies fundraised from Fall L’Affaire and pumpkin sales (approx.. $8K) to be used for library enhancements, seconded by Nicole.  All in favour.  Motion passed.


Art Enhancements:

Nicole motioned to approve monies fundraised from the Dance- a-thon (approx.. $8K)to be used to enhance our Arts Program, seconded by Raheema.  All in favour.  Motion passed.


Academic Achievement:

Robin motioned to approve up to 12,000 dollars to be used for academic achievement, seconded by Nicole.  All in favour.  Motion passed.


Playground Enhancement:

            Approximately $55K is still on hold to be used for playground enhancement. 


Grade 5/6 Graduation:

            Sheila motioned to approve more money ($2000 subsidy each) to be put toward grade 5 and grade 6 graduation, motion seconded by Robin. All in favour.  Motion passed.




9.    New Business


IXL: 3 year commitment costs $12K, school wide use.  Our trial period is up at the end of January.  Look at per year/per kid. 


Keyboarding: there is a pilot occurring at 10 schools.  This is a topic that we have started to look at and how we can implement it at Owen.


Arts Express: wellness through the Arts.  Possibly through a PRO Grant?.  Owen would choose their own mediums.


Wellness Week:  Grade 3’s are looking at Yonge People’s Theatre ( $500/half day) as a form of integrating coping strategies around social skills, anti bullying etc.


*****During our next meeting, please review what we have already purchased connected to our fundraising efforts so that we may showcase them to our community.********



Any new business, please email Debbie Levy:

10. Adjourn

Michelle motioned to end the meeting , seconded by Jason.  Motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm. 

The next OSAC meeting is January 11, 2017 at 6:30 pm