December 9th, 2015 - OSAC Meeting Minutes


Debbie Levy, Robin Conliffe, Jason Offet, David Chang, Zakia Nabbus,  Raheema Naran,  Amanda Maass, Crystal Smith, Nava Noordeh-Khavari, Sheila Sezla, Helen Georgiou, Margarita Sferra, Irene Sodorgin, Anita Sengar, Crystal Pallister, Sandy Scott,  Julie Kwon, Robert Policicchio , Olive Spence



  1. Introduction and Welcoming Remarks

The school chair, Debbie Levy, opened the meeting. She welcomed everyone to the meeting.

  1. Review and Approval of Agenda


  1. Approval of  October 21, 2015 Council Meeting Minutes


  1. Election of OSAC Committee

  • Chair- Debbie Levy

Secretary- Robin Conliffe

Co-Treasurer: Chanh L

          Marguerite S


All in favour.

  1. Admin Reoprt- Julie Kwon and Rob Policicchio

Report Cards:

There will be no report cards for Kindergarten in December.  Grades K-6 will receive a progress report on December 10th.

Winter Concert:

  • Owen’s Winter Concert has been rescheduled to January 21, 2015.

  • Looking at moving Movie Night in January to a night in February.



Owen PS created a survey online for what the needs of the teachers/school are for this year.  Teachers seemed interested in the idea of having 50” TVs in their classrooms versus Smartboards.  They are more economical and have more opportunities for use.  

A survey was also created to see what the teachers required in terms of professional development. There was much interested in learning the functions of how to use these new televisons properly.


Within the school boards there have been discussions regarding school board insurance around winter conditions and students using the playscapes.  School boards have been exchanging information as to how they proceed with poor weather conditions and their students playing on playscapes.  It is recognized that we can’t keep our children in a bubble but we need to put in place measures  to ensure their safety.  Some suggestions:

  • Have a teacher led, grade 6 prefects (leadership role) hat monitor outdoor toys/equipment etc.

  • Flag system

  • Playground Safety – Winter Use Advisory ( add sheet)

Winter Activity Day February 11:

There will be no skating this year due to the job action.  The $5 skating contribution will be going towards  the Winter Activity Day.  The Grade1’s are going to Mel Lastman Square to skate .  The grade 2’s will skate at Harbourfront.

  1. New Business/On Line Registration – Kristi/Jason

  • Online Donations:

Owen is currently reviewing donations online.  A tax receipt will automatically be issued making it a much easier process for all involved.

Owen PS is trying to have this system in place for the Dance-a-thon in February so donators will have the option of online or the traditional process with paper form.

Owen PS is also considering making the online registration available for the Donation Letter in September.


There are some issues around online payments that are still undergoing discussions.  There is roughly a 3% (2.7% plus 30 cents per transaction) cost to this method.  OSAC is looking at whether they absorb this cost for a short while to see if it makes sense having this option and the convenience of it.  The more complicated the transaction the greater the cost.  There are two vendors: Online and Swipe (Square or Stripe).

Olive Spence motioned to approve OSAC to absorb the cost of roughly 3% plus other incremental charges for the use of Interac Payment on a trial period of approximately 1 year.

            Crystal Pallister seconded the motion.

Motion passed.



  • Owen PS has a Facebook page

  • New Business:

The school is looking at getting out coaches outfits, jersey/sweatshirts.  Debbie Levy will cover the cost of 5 outfits.

A proposal has been put forth to allocate $1000 for the purchase of “Swag”


Sandy Scott motioned to approve $1000 to be spent  on “swag” for coaching staff.


Olive Spence seconded the motion


Motion approved.


  • Parent sub committee on technology:

Owen is looking to have parent input/volunteers on this committee


There was discussion around computer literacy and programming at Owen.  Grade 1’s use a program called Scrtach Junior, Grades 1-5 use a similar program.  The program is done in their homeroom class or as an extracurricular activity.


  1. Spirit Events

  • Movie Night

Was a success.  The screen and sound were fantastic with our new sound system.  The movie night team is figuring out little details like more popcorn, sell water? Chips?, involving grade 6 students, more garbage containers and managing behavourial expectations.

$568 profit.



  1. Fundraising Plans and Initiatives

Pizza Lunch: There is a lack of volunteers so they are looking at moving more grades to eat in the gymnasium as the grade 3 and 4 classes already eat there.  There will be another request for volunteers.

Fall Affaire: To date the most successful year, netting $17,000.  The committee is thinking of taking a year off and hopefully getting new people involved.  A big thank you to all that helped out and supported this great event.

Dance-a-thon: Money:  To date $25,000 has been raised for the new playscape  at Owen(Dance a thon 2015 $7000, Fall L’affaire 2015 $18,000). The total cost of the playscape is $35,000 .  A motion was put forward to take $10, 000 from OSAC to allow the playscape to proceed.

Crystal Pallister motioned to approve the use of $10, 000 from OSAC to complete the playscape.

    Michelle Minion seconded the motion.

Motion passed.


Spring Fling: Olive Spence has agreed to shadow Debbie Levy and hopefully take it over.  Jason Offet will coordinate the volunteers.

Subway Lunch: Running well.


   8.  Committees

After School Programs: Has gone electronic.  Must sign up via the program and make payment via credit card/interact, cheques may be handed into the office.  No paper forms to the office.  Winter registration begins December 11-January 8th.  Sign up early to avoid disappointment as the programs fill up quickly.  There are no active programs for this winter for  JK/SK due to a lack of space in the gym. No outdoor programs in the winter due to the weather.

Milk Program: Some challenges .  More volunteers needed!

Kids Kitchen: Running smoothly however, they have been showing up and delivering on Pizza Day.  Michelle will tell them to block off ordering on Pizza days.

Eco Club: Mr. McArthur and Ms. Coutts are running the Eco Club during the lunch hour.  

Yearbook: Is slowly coming together.  There will be a tab on Owen’s homepage.  There will be emails sent out in the new year for people to send in pictures.  There are parents helping out  and representing a few grades on both the French and English side but more volunteers are required.  The yearbook is looking for sponsorship: $1000 for a full page, $500 1/2page, $250 ¼ page, 50% tax receipt.  The more money raised the cheaper the cost of the yearbook.  Each yearbook costs $20, Owen sells them for $12 with OSAC covering the remaining cost.

Grade 6:  Very large and enthusiastic turnout out for the grade 6 Grad committee.  We had divided up into sub committees and will meet again on February 5th right after drop off in the staff room.  Students have voted and decided on their grad trip to Mono Cliffs at the end of June for 4 days.  Students are currently voting  on their theme.  Senney Mark will lead the first fundraiser “Popcorn Friday” on December 4, 11 and 17th.

  1. Finances-

$10,000 was approved last meeting for purchasing new technology however; there is a need to add to that, updates and repairs that have been assessed by Mr. Policicchio.  The school board matches.

All in favour.


Ms. Kuzik needs $4000 for  equipment: VB nets, balls, etc  

    All in favour.


  1. Adjourn

Olive Spence motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Crystal Pallister. Motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm.