September 28 Meeting Mintues

Download the full minutes here

Meeting of September 28, 2016


Debbie Levy, Robin Conliffe, Lorraine Ohashi, Jennifer Young,  Olive Spence, Jason Offet,  Chanh L, Sheila Sezla,  Margarita Sferra, Arash Ghassabei,  Amanda Maass, Sandy Romas Scott, Helen Georgiou, Caroline Thompson, Lisa McElroy, Julie Kwon, Stephen Miles, Abdi Maghaddam, Mana Rezai, Irene Sudorgin, Yassamin Gharai, Annie Zhang, Abarand Baln, Michelle Brochu, Roselynn Chuong,Zakia Nabbus, Chandrika Ganewatte, Veronica Cowan, Anhtuan Hoang, Crystal Smith, Aneta Friesolahl, Ian Chuang, Amy Kim, S Wong, Gloria Wong, Sandy Scott, Ana Teresa Apaza, Maryam Aleyaseen, Crystal Pallister, Amitus Amirshahi, Sarah schapp, Johnathan Silver, Mojgan Rahimineyard, Jasmin Rasvand, Rocio Rojas, Zhiying Qian, Heslie Chua, Rongmin L, Zara Arvini, Angela Chang, Debbie Levy, Robin Conliffe, Gerri Gershon, Sarah Payne, J. McArthur, Ms. Milbrandt


  1.  Introduction and Welcoming Remarks

The school chair, Debbie Levy, opened the meeting. She welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the council.

·      Chair: Debbie Levy

·      Secretary: Robin Conliffe

·      Co- Treasurer: Margarita Sferra, Chanh Leuangthong

  1.  Review and Approval of Agenda

Olive motioned to approve the agenda, motion seconded by Irene. Motion passed.

  1.  Approval of June 1, 2016 Council Meeting Minutes

Olive motioned to approve the June 1, 2016 minutes, motion seconded by Irene.  Motion passed.

Here are the minutes from September 20, 2016: Notes -YMCI -Sept 20 2016.pdf


  1. Admin Reoprt- Julie Kwon and Steven Miles


Julie welcomed everyone, introduced herselfand Owen’s new VP, Steven Miles.


School Topics:

School Capacity:  Owen is currently at 130 percent capacity, 625 students.  The school was initially built for 500 students. (125%)

New TDSB Model:  The TDSB has created 4 new learning centres to be able to provide more services and time to their family of schools.  The city is divided into four quadrants each with an executive superintendent and then roughly seven superintendents each with their own specialty skill set.  Owen’s superintendent and trustee will remain the same.  John Malloy has accepted the position, Direction of Education, TDSB.


EQAO 2016:  The provincial EQAO math scores are lower than expected. 

·      Owen Grade 3 EQAO scores: Reading 93%, written 89%, math 92%

·      Owen Grade 6 EQAO scores: Reading 88%, written 92%, math 79%

The school is reviewing why our grade 6 math scores are lower and how we can improve them.


Primary Playground:   Due to a new Act that has come into effect, Accessibility for Disability 2016, we need to reassess the piece of equipment we are planning to replace.  The cost of a $18,000 piece of equipment becomes $60,000 once we follow the AODA.  The primary playground had a Master Plan assessment, which cost $7000.  This assessment surveyed the entire playground, what is sustainable, what structures are required etc.  It will become a 10 year plan, adding pieces as the playground and times evolve. OSAC has agreed to wait until the Board comes back to us with an answer for the junior playground as it has it may be deemed. ALL APPROVED.

Junior Playground:   During the summer, Owen’s Junior playground was taped off due to it being deemed unsafe. Julie was not notified of this change to our schoolyard which occurred at the beginning of the summer.  Currently, we are waiting for answers as to why it is taped off and if it is deemed unsafe and who replaces it.  Julie is hoping to hear back from them in one week.

Please contact Gerri Gershon and our Super Intendant to ask more detailed questions.


  1. Spirit Events: Terry Fox Run, Sept 29.

Sarah’s Challenge, Daily Food bank Drive, Sept 30- Oct 6., a global citizenship and healthy competition, between the schools East and West of Bayview.

·      Spirit Days: will be discussed at our next meeting

·      Welcome Back Dance: was successful, to be discussed further next meeting.

·      Movie Night: there will be 3 movie nights, Nov. 17, Jan. 19, June 8.


6.    Fundraising Plans and Initiatives

Pizza Lunch : Amanda Maass is running Pizza lunch with Anna Osbourne who will be coordinating the volunteers.  Amanda is looking for another volunteer to help her.  There are many volunteers to help during the lunch hour that Amanda is looking at alternating them each pizza lunch.

New this year Pizza Lunch will be running 2x/ month!!

Out of 450 Pizza orders, 86 were ordered on line.

Pumpkin Sales: Once again, the pumpkins were generously donated by Barry Cohen.  Debbie is running this fundraiser and requires some volunteers for Thursday morning and after-school.  If you are available please contact Debbie.

Fall L’Affaire: November 2, 7pm-11pm.  This is a parent only function that will have a silent auction, tapas plates and cocktails.  It is a great venue to meet new parents and to socialize.  This is the school’s largest fundraiser! Bringing in $18,000 dollars. During our next meeting we will discuss what the proceeds will go towards. Some ideas are; extra scientist in school, zodiactors, ecotables.  This committee is looking for volunteers!

Dance-a-thon: will be held on February 14, 2017.  Caroline and Sheila are organizing this event.

Spring Fling: Olive Spence is the new lead for this event.  We need volunteers for this event by March or it will not run.

7.    Committees

After School Programs: Jennifer Young is running the Lunch/After-school Programs again this year.  All program providers have offered subsidy for their program. There was a very high enrolment this Fall, as most programs are filled.  The lunch programs and after-school programs have a process in place to ensure students attend their program.  New this year: students participating in after-school programs shouldbe picked up at the West doors of the school (the doors that lead to the portables).  The program leader will bring the students to this door.


Milk Program: Lorraine is running the milk program this year.  She requires another volunteer on Tuesdays.  Currently sales are very strong, about 140 milk sold everyday.

Kids Kitchen: Olive was going to be the point person but she thinks Anna will?

Eco Club:  Sarah Payne and Jonathan McArthur run the Eco Club at Owen.  It is a free lunch time program for our students.  Owen P.S. received platinum status.  We will be receiving a water bottle filling station in the Fall, location to TBD.  Last spring, OSAC approved $5k for these projects: They are looking at giving all students an Owen water bottle in September.  The Food Growing Program  at Owen will be an extension of an outdoor classroom, by the grade 1 entrance.  They will need soil, painting materials, equipment for planting and building, and table (hexagon) and chairs.

The Eco Club is requested $2000 dollars to be spent on more outdoor learning tools in the kindergarten playground. ALL APPROVED.  They will use this money towards a seating area and new tables.

Grade 6 Graduation:  Debbie will chair this committee.

Yearbook: Irene is chairing the Yearbook committee this yeaer.  The cost of the Yearbooks have gone up.  Owen charges $12/yearbook when the actual cost is 20$.  This year the cost of the yearbook is $23.  We are looking at charging $15/yearbook.  If both grade 5 and 6’s graduate this year the number of pages will be greater and thus the yearbook more expensive.  Irene would like more funding for the yearbooks. 

Irene is trying a new technique this year with Google Drive andputting more responsibility on the Class Parent and Teachers to take/submit photos.

 Irene is looking for sponsors.  A full page is $1000. 1/2page $500, 1/4page 250.  A suggestion was made that the grade 6 classes come together to purchase a page.  Tax receipts are issued.