Measles - Ensure your child is vaccinated


Please find attached a letter from Toronto Public Health with regards to the measles outbreak in Toronto and the importance of vaccinations. Please distribute to ALL parents and school staff ASAP (today preferable) through whatever means (printed letters or email) works best for your school.

Should you receive questions, please find key messages below that may be useful in responding to parents’ inquiries on this issue. Also attached is a Toronto Public Health immunization fact sheet that may be useful. (NOTE: This fact sheet is NOT required to be sent home but can be made available upon request).

Should parents have additional questions, they should contact Toronto Public Health. Should you or your staff receive any media inquiries, please direct to TDSB Communications at (416) 395-2721


  • The TDSB takes its lead from Toronto Public Health with regards to vaccinations.
  • The TDSB helps with the exchange of information between parents and Toronto Public Health.
  • Toronto Public Health oversees vaccination requirements, including exemptions which can be granted on medical, religious and philosophical grounds. For those wishing to be exempt, a form must be submitted to Toronto Public Health — not the TDSB.
  • It’s important to note that parents must submit vaccination information to Toronto Public Health. Every time a child has a needle, a parent should let them know.
  • The immunization/vaccination rate at each school is a snapshot in time and does necessarily reflect the current rate — as students may have received the required immunization/documentation within days of the compiling that information.
  • The data that has been circulated among media recently is as a result of a Freedom of Information request to TPH and does not necessarily reflect current rates.